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Stenciled Plates

Two good friends of mine tied the knot last week and I gifted them this stenciled trio. Tulips because that was the theme of their wedding, a photo of them that I pulled off of their wedding website, and a monogram of their initials.

As with every crafty endeavor I have pursued, this project came with it’s own set of challenges. I have never worked with porcelain paints before and didn’t know that it dries to a rubbery state, making it hard to lift the stencils off without the paint coming off along with it. It made for an extremely long and delicate process for an otherwise simple project.

Note to self: Remove stencils before paint dries.

What you will need:

porcelain or ceramic plates
Pebeo Porcelaine 150 paints
contact paper
x-acto knife
stencil brush
domestic oven

First and foremost comes the design. You can always draw them by hand if you like. In this case I created the stencils in Photoshop, and printed them directly on contact paper.

Apply the contact paper with your design on the plate. Cut out carefully the design with an x-acto knife.

Apply paint with a stencil brush. If mixing colors, make sure you mix enough paint for all the stencils, to ensure the colors are consistent.

Wait a few minutes and remove the stencils. Let plates dry for 24 hours.

Bake in a domestic oven for 35 minutes at 300 °F.

After baking, your painted plates should be resistant to dish-washing and last for years. And the paints are non-toxic too.

Happy crafting!

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