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DIY: Fabric Covered Pots

A fun and inexpensive way to spruce up your terracotta planters is to wrap them with fabric (and these make great housewarming presents too!). I stumbled upon a few websites and blogs that show you how to do it, and to my surprise it was a lot harder than I thought.

Getting the fabric tight around the pots was the most challenging part for me, and my first several attempts were less than spectacular. In fact, they were pretty damn sloppy. I had to ruin two pots before I finally got the technique down. Tip: have a towel on your lap to wipe your hands off of excess mod podge as you work around the pot!

Full instructions here:
Emmaline Bride

Christine Chitnis

Photo documentation of my efforts here:

I followed about 90 percent of the instructions on Christine Chitnis’ blog (thank you Christine!), except that I cut the fabric to size after wrapping it around the pot (much easier that way in my opinion), let it dry, and then I coated the entire pot with the mod podge to seal it all the way through and give it a painted-on look.


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