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Sunday Fruit Purge

Today I spent most of my time indoors. In the kitchen to be more accurate. I did a quick inventory of our fruit and veggie baskets this weekend and found some sad looking bananas that have been forgotten and a big bag of plums that were sitting in the fridge, already in their prime and waiting to be canned. Today felt like the perfect time to roll up my sleeves and do something with them. I do not like to waste food but sometimes it happens and I find myself chucking overripe fruit or wilted greens that we weren’t able to cook or eat fast enough. But not today!

Today’s efforts yielded a few pints of plum preserves and a loaf of banana pecan bread. And as if she knew what I was up to, my mom showed up with a bag of tomatoes she picked this morning from her boss’s garden. Mmmm…Salsa anyone?

Happy Sunday everyone!

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  1. I canned a ton today too. Perfect weather for throwing the doors open and working with the harvest!

    September 23, 2012

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