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Baby Newsboy Hat

Hello friends! Beautiful Friday in Seattle today isn’t it? Pretty atypical considering the fact that it’s already mid-September. but I’ll take it any day. My friends who live below me have gone backpacking for the weekend and so I’m here hanging out with their kitty, and taking the opportunity to share with you a project that I made last week. My friend Jen will be having baby number two here in a few weeks, so last Sunday her sister-in-law threw her a surprise baby shower. Jen is the crafty kind, a homemaker and loves all things handmade, so I decided to make these little crocheted beanies for her baby.

I found this pattern on Etsy that looked simple enough and proceeded to make them two days before the shower. An hour into it I started regretting my idea, cursing my last minute self and wishing I had just bought something at the store because there is no way I am going to finish this, right? But I’m stubborn and kept going anyway and I’m glad I did because it turned out very nicely, albeit a little bigger in size than I expected. Note to self: Always perform a gauge check before starting.

And did she love it? I hope that big smile on her face means yes.

Thank you to the Stitch House for the pattern and the very easy-to-follow tutorials. May I just point out that those baby loafer booties are ridiculously adorable.

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