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Weekend Recap

This weekend I am happy to report that I learned a new skill. Last night a few friends and I got together to learn how to make earrings. Who knew jewelry making could be so much fun? I made my first pair of dangle-y earrings that I gave to my mom the following morning. I included a few photos below showing the basic tools required to make bead jewelry. It doesn’t take a lot really, and you can find cheap starter kits at any craft store.

Many thanks to my friend Nicole for the crash course!

I really wasn’t planning on giving these away. But it looked fantastic on my mom, how could I not give it to her.

Today Breezy and I did chores around the house, much like any typical Sunday. I snuck out for a few hours while the laundry was going to get some sewing supplies for a project that I’m planning to do soon. I also had a chance to organize my fabrics drawer and decided to make a quick project from some of the scraps that I had. I needed a case for my new Kindle (yes I am on the e-reader band wagon now, and I must admit I actually like it!), so I made this simple dust bag, that way I can throw it in my purse and not worry about it getting scratched. You can do this in under 30 minutes. Just cut 2 pieces of fabric  plus a liner that’s about an inch wider than your e-reader, make a hemmed edge on one side where the opening is going to be, sew around the sides (right sides of fabric together), invert, and voila–you’ve got a nice dust bag/koozie.

I hope your weekend went well and that you had a chance to do something fun too!

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