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The Strasberry Project

The day after we went berry picking in Arlington, two of my friends and I got together to make some jam. A lot of jam actually. Nicole and I didn’t have any previous canning experience going into this, save for that lame 1 hour lecture we took a few months ago, so we were counting on Ashley to take the lead. We started late in the afternoon (about 3 pm) and finished well into the evening (around 11!), only stopping to recharge with a hearty dinner of berries and vanilla ice cream.

Canning is a fun kitchen activity, and from this experience, it’s definitely more enjoyable if you do it with friends. This way you can share stories whilst chopping, coin names like “strasberry” jam, or torment the roommate who doesn’t like fruit. I am going to spare you a play by play of the entire canning process, as I am sure there are more reliable sources around the internet that will give you detailed instructions, but I summed up our little kitchen adventure with photos below. Good times!

The process in a nutshell…

Wash, rinse, repeat. Until you run out of fruit. In this case, we canned about 6 boxes of fruit in 8 hours. This yielded about 80 half-pint jars of jam. Enough to last us at least a year!

The fruits of our labor: Strawberry and Strasberry (strawberry-raspberry mix) jams in pretty jars.

The scene of the crime

A late afternoon snack: Goat cheese and strasberry jam on toast. Mmm-mmm!

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  1. mmmm…. I just tried the strasberry jam and it is delicious! I’m having english muffins and jam for breakfast every day this week.

    July 26, 2011
  2. Ashley #

    Love it! You captured the process well! The scene of the crime is hilarious! 🙂 I think of you ladies and our fun day every time I enjoy my delicious jam. Can’t wait for blueberry season and whatever will be ripe after that! I see a lot more jam in our future!

    July 26, 2011

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