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Garden Update

I trust that everyone is doing well on this fine sunny day. For me,  not so much! My allergies have flared up and I have been sneezing all day. Must be all that cottonwood flying around.

To take advantage of my inability to do much of anything, I figured I’d blog about the goings on in our little backyard garden. Last month Breezy and I had picked up some starter plants and gardened our hearts out over Memorial Day Weekend. None of our current neighbors really use the garden, and so it was all ours for the taking. During the non-summer months we normally get our supply of veggies from our CSA share, and it’s only in the hot months that we get to grow our own greens here in Seattle. So bring on the sun!

So far our plants are doing miraculously well, given the finicky weather patterns we’ve been having lately (It’s June and why am I still wearing a sweater?). And some of them have even started to bear fruit.

Now if only our landlord would allow me to raise city chickens….

Beans and tomatoes. Cages to follow soon.

Our tomatoes have flowered!

A tiny jalapeno pepper emerges.

Bistro mix salad greens are looking good.


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