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3Form Does Bracelets!

I was perusing through 3Form’s website looking for panels for a project I’m working on and found this under Cool Stuff. I can’t believe I haven’t seen these before! Aren’t these just the coolest little things? Talk about design candy.

They make bowls and bags too.

the Ting Ting Cuff

The NYC Cuff, designed by Tivi

Seaweed Bowl

Bloom Aqua Bowl

3Form is a leading manufacturer of award-winning sustainable building materials for the A+D Industry. Their systems incorporate up to 40% recycled content, and their aggressive Path to Zero policy shows their commitment to reducing the carbon footprint of both their product and manufacturing process.

The company produces products mainly for architectural installations like walls, dividers, counters and ceiling treatments. Apparently they have tapped into the retail market as well. I definitely would love to see more consumer-based products made from this stuff.

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