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Curly Whirly Scarf

I was looking for a new hobby to keep me occupied during the fall season, so I figured I’d resurrect what I learned from home economics class in high school and make a scarf. This curly whirly scarf is pretty easy to do. Start with 200 chains, turn it over and work two treble stitches into each chain. When you get to the end, turn it over and start another row, increasing the number of stitches as you’re adding rows. You can add as many rows as you want. More rows = curlier scarf! Switch to another color for your last row and finish it off with a fun scalloped edge (I haven’t figured this out yet. I’m really just winging it as I go!).

I started this scarf on my week-long trip to Alaska, and I haven’t picked it up again since I got back. But I’m determined to finish it and actually wear it before the season ends!

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