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DIY Kitty Perch

Cat furniture is ridiculously expensive. Anyone who has/has ever had a cat will agree with me. I was looking up cat trees online for Sumo and was astounded by how much those things cost. Worst of all, they are u-g-l-y. See for yourself here and tell me if you want to have a piece of furniture like that in your living room! Don’t they all just scream “crazy cat lady” to you??

I did find some pretty cool furniture though, like this cat tree right here. But *cough* note the price tag on that baby. Sorry Sumo, you’re not getting one. Also, Square Cat Habitat offers cool modern furniture, scratch posts and perches for the discriminating cat owner like myself. My favorite is the Itch Wall Scratcher. However, like everything else modern, they are not affordable.

So in my effort to provide a stimulating environment for my kitty without breaking the bank, I decided to make my own cat furniture, starting with something really simple and easy. Sumo likes looking out the window watching squirrels and birds so he would probably appreciate a comfortable perch. Breezy and I made a trip to IKEA last weekend and I purchased two 8 x 24 inch particle boards for 2 dollars each. I had some old carpet samples lying around my desk at the office which I thought would work well as scratching surfaces. The other day I started working on assembling the 2 materials together. It was a no brainer really, I guess the only hard part was cutting through the carpet. When they were all done and trimmed out, I stuck them to the boards with sticky back tape and voila! Cat perches with a scratching surface! Piece of cake. It looks almost exactly like the Buddha Wall Perch, except that I didn’t pay a hundred dollars for it!

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