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Me And My New Roomie

So I adopted a cat last month from PAWS Cat City in Greenwood. He is the cutest! It’s been about three weeks now and so far things are going great. Except for his heart murmur, he seems to have no health problems at all. He’s 4 years old and since cats live up to 15 to 20 years, I say he’s still a teenager. He’s still very playful too. I am a little terrified when he plays pounce-and-attack on my arm because his teeth and nails are really sharp. He is oddly fascinated by running water and prefers to drink out of the faucet as opposed to his water bowl. I find it funny when he races me to the bathroom whenever he thinks that I’m heading that direction. As soon as I get there, he’s already perched on the sink! It’s still a little difficult to pick him up, because he’s big and long and isn’t really used to being held too much. But just last week I mustered up to courage to pick him up and hold him in my arms, and he didn’t squirm one bit. Yay, progress! Now he let’s me pick him up every time I get home. At night he sleeps on the bed with me and likes waking me up well before my alarm clock goes off. This morning he was up and about at 5:30, meowing incessantly in my face to get me to wake up. Most days I do what the vet says and ignore him (so they don’t develop a habit). But today was a little difficult as he was pouncing at an imaginary object on my back and dashing back and forth between the bedroom and the living room. What a silly cat! And did I already mention that he is the cutest?

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