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And so begins the daunting task of going through 6 CDs full of pictures that we took on our trip to Barcelona last month. I have been putting it off for so long but I feel like I just have to sit down and do it, otherwise I’ll forget! Most of my friends have already been to Barcelona, Spain’s most cosmopolitan city, and know what I mean when I say that it is such an amazing pedestrian-oriented city. Getting around is cake and public transport is cheap and easy to use. But for us, going on foot was still the best way to explore every sight and sound, and get up close and personal with it the way every beautiful city should be seen.

Even when my feet were constantly hurting.

Breezy and I booked a self-serve studio apartment on Calle Riego right by the Estacio Sants, away but not too far from the touristy areas. It had a nice kitchen which was fully-equipped with everything we needed for cooking and eating. We even had our own washer and dryer! The best amenity for me (hands down) was our little balcony that hung directly above the narrow street below. Perfect for hanging out after a long day, watching people come in and out of bars and shops that lined up the street.

Brian enjoying a glass of wine.

Calle Riego at night.

And so we were there for a week and a half, and in that limited amount of time we tried to cover as much ground as we possibly could, amped and excited like kids in a candy store, snapping pictures along the way, stopping at taperias to sample the coffee (best coffee I’ve ever had), the tapas, the wine (oh the wine!), the sangria, on some days blowing out our daily budget in the quest for the best paella (we weren’t so lucky in this department), and then arguing over what to do and where to go next. At the end of the day, almost everyday, we’d stop by the little mercat on the way home to get a bottle of vino tinto and a jar of pickled peppers. And then plot out our next adventure for the following day!

In the posts that will follow (soon), I will share with you the highlights of our trip to Barcelona, one blog at a time. So stay tuned!

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